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This is a glimpse into my journey. This page shows my progression that started from what I thought was normal in eating a classic western diet. This was your typical days, weeks and years full of meat, cow’s milk, eggs, cheese, sugary cereals, too much pizza (like 3 days a week too much) and processed junk food. I live this way for 33 years. It wasn’t until 2015, when I learned what plant-based meant and decided to give it a try. I switched over to a Lifestyle and a routine, not a diet, diets don’t work because usually they are a fad sold to you by a celebrity This lifestyle is a daily routine that is rich in fruits, veggies, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains. These are the sources of energy that the earth has provided. Everything I eat started as a seed.

For most of my life, I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I was a fairly fit and active guy, so I thought I was way ahead of the curve. Little did I know how wrong I was. The photos below show the results of eating a plant based diet since August 2015. I've lost a total of 40 lbs, I have more energy, my skin cleared up, experience less bloating and better digestion. My workouts are more effective because of an increase in energy and stamina. I also sleep more soundly because my body is not loaded with toxins and doesn’t have to expend energy tossing and turning throughout the night trying to figure out how to process those old harmful toxins, when all it wants to do is rest.

Instead, I have energy in the morning, I workout regularly and when I am finished putting 100% effort into my day, my head hits the pillow and its times to recharge. I noticed that I recover quicker from work outs, therefore I can train more often. This resulted in me racing faster and improving my performance in all sports and activities. The benefits to this lifestyle change seem endless. I am constantly learning and trying to better the person from yesterday. Life is more enjoyable when you feel better. We weren’t put on this earth to get fat, sick, achy and slow, so don’t settle for that.

 This shit didn't happen over night. This was a slow learning process, consistently grinding, day in and day out, consciously putting in the daily effort to change my routine with the desire to better myself. I was educating myself about my bad habits, learning how certain foods affect the body, cutting out crap, being disciplined, and having self control. The results are improvements across all aspects of life, a true lifestyle change, living a cleaner, healthier and happier life. This is not a fad diet, it is a way of life.


How I Can Help You

  • Join me as I train for the 2021 IRONMAN Lake Placid


    88 US dollars
  • Private vegan cooking classes ON DEMAND.

    1 hr 30 min

    150 US dollars
  • Speaking gigs. Pod casts. Video interviews.

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
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